Our Team


Charlotte Willner

Founding Executive Director

Charlotte Willner joined TSPA and TSF after 15 years of working in online trust and safety. She began her career at Facebook, where she led international user support, then built out their first safety operations team. She went on to build and lead Pinterest’s trust and safety operations team, overseeing online safety, law enforcement response, and intellectual property matters. She holds a degree in English from Bowdoin College and is delighted to show you that this is, in fact, what you can do with an English degree.

Chelsea Wallau

Executive Assistant

Chelsea was born and raised in Palo Alto, California in the heart of Silicon Valley. Chelsea holds an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education, and is a former infant educator. Working for mission based organizations like TSPA is important to Chelsea because she believes that we all need to do our part to make the world better each day. She is especially passionate about doing what she can to make things better for the sake of generations to come, because she believes children are our most important resource.

Kaofeng Lee

Director of Organizational Development

Kaofeng Lee came to TSPA and TSF after 14 years of working as an advocate, educator, and community builder in the field of gender-based violence and technology. She was previously at the National Network to End Domestic Violence (U.S.) and the Women’s Services Network (Australia) where she advocated with community organizations, policymakers, and technology companies for better policies and practices on gender and technology. Kaofeng is passionate about connecting communities, empowering people, and working together to create a safer and just world.

Board of Directors

Adelin Cai

Co-Founder & Board Chair

Adelin Cai has spent the last decade working with and leading teams responsible for product policies and their enforcement. As Pinterest’s former Head of Policy, she led the team that developed the company’s principles and core values around content moderation, covering a range of issues from hateful speech to medical (mis)information to dank memes. Prior to Pinterest, she ran Twitter’s Legal Ads Policy team, guiding policy and operations for Twitter’s self-serve and international advertising products.

Alexander Macgillivray

Co-Founder & Board Member

Alexander “amac” Macgillivray has worked with or supported trust and safety professionals over the last two decades. He was Deputy Chief Technology Officer of the United States in the Obama administration, General Counsel at Twitter, and Deputy General Counsel at Google. He has processed removal requests, crafted successful and unsuccessful content policies, and reviewed more terrible content than he would like to remember.

Photo credit Doc Searls licensed under CC-BY

Clara Tsao

Co-Founder & Board Member

Clara Tsao was a 2019 Mozilla Fellow examining the impact of policies related to content moderation, online disinformation, and terrorist content. Clara previously served as the Senior Advisor for Emerging Technology at the Department of Homeland Security and as Chief Technology Officer of US Government’s interagency Countering Violent Extremism and Countering Foreign Influence Task Force. Prior to government, Clara worked in Microsoft’s public sector team focused on digital literacy and worldwide education. Clara is a non-resident fellow focused on disinformation at German Marshall Fund and Atlantic Council, and a senior advisor for the UN-backed initiative, Tech Against Terrorism.

Denelle Dixon

Board Member

Denelle Dixon is the CEO and Executive Director of the Stellar Development Foundation, a nonprofit organization using blockchain to unlock the world’s economic potential by making money more fluid, markets more open, and people more empowered. Before joining Stellar, Denelle served as COO of Mozilla, the mission-driven, open-source software organization. During her tenure at Mozilla, she led the organization’s business, revenue and policy teams including the ongoing fight for net neutrality and the global effort to ensure that people can control their personal data.

Eric Goldman

Co-Founder & Board Member

Eric Goldman is a Professor of Law at Santa Clara University School of Law. He has been writing about and teaching Internet law for a quarter-century. Before entering academia full-time, Goldman was General Counsel at consumer review site Epinions.com. He founded the Content Moderation at Scale conference series, which brought together hundreds of trust and safety professionals in 2018 and 2019.


Alex Feerst

Alex Feerst is General Counsel at Neuralink, a startup developing implantable brain-machine interfaces. He spent four years as Head of Legal and Head of Trust and Safety at Medium, where he led creation and enforcement of the platform’s content policies, and continues to advise the company on trust and safety issues. He is working on an oral history of online content moderation, excerpted online as “Your Speech, Their Rules.” He serves as President of the San Francisco Intellectual Property Association, a board member of the Responsible Data Economy Foundation, and a fellow at Stanford University’s Center for Internet and Society.

Christine Chen

Christine Chen has worked at the intersection of technology, policy, communications, and international affairs for more than two decades. She formerly led international and content policy communications at Facebook. Previously, she worked at Google, where her roles included leading public policy at YouTube, managing public policy strategy around free expression and international relations at Google, and leading privacy communications. Christine previously served on the board of directors at the Global Network Initiative. Prior to her career in Silicon Valley, she was a magazine journalist at Foreign Policy, Fortune, and Newsweek.

Daphne Keller

Daphne Keller is the Director of Platform Regulation at Stanford University’s Cyber Policy Center, where her work focuses on platform regulation and Internet users’ rights. She has published both academically and in mainstream media; testified and participated in legislative processes; and taught and lectured extensively. Her recent work focuses on legal protections for users’ free expression rights when state and private power intersect. Until 2015, Daphne was Associate General Counsel for Google, where she had primary responsibility for the company’s search products. She worked on groundbreaking intermediary Liability litigation and legislation around the world and counseled both overall product development and individual content takedown decisions.

Dona Bellow

Dona Bellow is a Responsible Innovation Manager at Facebook, where she builds programs to support product teams in anticipating and mitigating potential unintended consequences of the technology they ship, early in their development lifecycle. She began her tech career at Google, where she led the policy evaluation and operationalization for legal content removal requests in the French market and managed the Child Safety program for Legal Online Operations, where she also became very involved in reviewer wellness and mental health. She went on to co-develop a program supporting product teams in mitigating abuse-related risks. She then joined the Community Policy team at Airbnb, collaborating closely with public policy teams on regulatory risks. Later, she worked on creating processes for trust and safety policy impact at Twitter. Dona is a proud native of Togo, and grew up in France.

Eric Davis

Eric Davis has safeguarded brands, platforms, and billions of users from bad ads, bad apps, and other machinations of bad actors across global policy, product, and engineering functions throughout his career. He was Senior Director for Product Management at NortonLifelock (previously Symantec), where his work included leading product requirements and implementation addressing GDPR and other privacy regulations globally. Previously, he worked for 13 years at Google, where he held product policy and public policy leadership roles. Eric also founded and led Google’s Android Security Investigations and Operations, Anti-Malvertising, and Trust and Safety teams. Earlier in his career, he was the charter International Product Manager for Trust & Safety at eBay.

Fatima Alam

Fatima Alam is a Global Compliance Manager at Netflix, where she works on content classification across a Global Content Regulation and Standards Board portfolio. Fatima previously worked in various roles on the Trust and Safety and Public Policy teams at Google in the US and India, where she supported and led the research, development, and enforcement of product policies related to controversial and harmful online content. She is also interested in the ways policy decisions about science and technology are made by governments around the world and the various roles played therein by technology platforms, elected representatives, bureaucrats, subject matter experts, and civil society. Previously, she was also a Human Rights and Technology Fellow at the Harvard Carr Center.

Jerrel Peterson

Jerrel Peterson has spent his career leveraging research and strategic partnerships to address complex social and political issues. He is currently a Senior Policy Manager on the Trust & Safety team at Spotify and previously served as the Head of Safety Policy for Twitter. He worked cross functionally to resolve dozens of high-profile cases weekly, drive the development of policies, processes, and tools, and communicate Twitter’s content policies clearly and objectively to internal and external stakeholders. Prior to Twitter, Jerrel worked in public policy at the state and federal level and also spent a few years providing direct services to various marginalized communities within the U.S.

Micah Schaffer

Micah Schaffer was an original member of YouTube’s User Operations team in 2006, where he led the creation of YouTube’s Trust and Safety program, including content policies, policy enforcement, and law enforcement operations. In 2013, he joined Snapchat as Director of Operations and developed its Trust and Safety organization, later serving as Director of Public Policy for Snap Inc. He currently works as a policy consultant.

Nicole Wong

Nicole Wong specializes in assisting high-growth technology companies to develop international privacy, content, and regulatory strategies. She previously served as Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer in the Obama Administration, where she focused on internet, privacy, and innovation policy. Prior to her time in government, Nicole was Google’s Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, and Twitter’s Legal Director for Products. She frequently speaks on issues related to law and technology, including five appearances before the U.S. Congress. Nicole chairs the board of Friends of Global Voices, and also sits on the boards of WITNESS, the Mozilla Foundation, and The Markup. Nicole currently serves as co-chair of the Digital Freedom Forum, and as an advisor to the AI Now Institute, the Alliance for Securing Democracy, Luminate, Refactor Capital, and the Albright Stonebridge Group.