TSPA Advisors

Who Are Our Advisors?

TSPA’s advisors are people who work within and adjacent to the online trust and safety field. They provide us with deeper insight into current and emerging trends and concerns within the field, and ensure that we incorporate broad and diverse perspectives into our work. They provide expert information on particular subjects, and often work alongside our members within our working groups and on special initiatives.

Meet Our Current Advisors

Role and Expectations of Advisors

TSPA’s advisors inform and guide our decision-making on various programming, activities, and relevant current issues. Advisors’ responsibilities are to: (1) be a trusted source of insight and information to the trust and safety field, (2) identify and connect TSPA to experts who can offer advice on organizational matters, (3) expand TSPA board and staff’s network with other communities, organizations, and individuals, and (4) boost the work of TSPA in the industry and beyond.

Advisors are expected to be active participants. At minimum, advisors are requested to:

  • Commit to at least a 1-year term
  • Participate in two advisors meetings a year
  • Provide advice or support to the organization throughout the year
  • Support and participate in TSPA programming and activities 
  • Keep confidential non-public information shared by TSPA, TSF, or fellow advisors 

Advisors will not be compensated for their time or advice, but may be hired as consultants for specific projects. Advisors do not have the authority to vote on organizational matters unless specifically requested by TSPA staff or boards. Advisors are not representatives of, nor do they speak on behalf of, their current employers. Advisors do not need to be members of TSPA.

How to Become An Advisor

In June of each year, we will refresh our group of advisors. This refresh will include (1) identifying and re-inviting current advisors to serve another term, (2) identifying specific gaps within the advisors group and asking qualified candidates to apply, and (3) opening the application process to the broader public.

Process for New Advisors

  1. Individuals interested in becoming an advisor should fill out an application.
  2. TSPA staff may get in touch with applicants if more information is required.
  3. TSPA staff will review and recommend selected applicants. 
  4. TSPA staff, board members, and current advisors will vote on the recommended applicants. Applicants with the most votes will be invited to become an advisor. Number of applicants accepted will be based on the number of open spots. 

Process for Nominated Advisors

Throughout the year, TSPA staff, board, and current advisors may nominate a candidate to join as an advisor to meet a gap in expertise or perspective. Since these candidates are specifically nominated to meet an identified need, they will not be formally voted on by the full staff and board; however, informal agreement by a majority of the staff and board will be required. 

Process for Advisors Invited to Rejoin

TSPA staff may invite advisors to rejoin after their terms have expired. This invitation may be decided based on an advisor’s level of participation, their involvement in current or planned programming or activities, or because their perspective and knowledge is deemed essential. Current advisors who are asked to rejoin will be decided by staff and will not require voting or agreement. 

Selection Criteria

TSPA advisors must have (1) deep knowledge of and experience with trust and safety issues online, and/or (2) expertise in one or more of the following areas as they relate to online trust and safety: content/behavior policy, operations (including content review), internet regulation (US and international), human rights, product development, public policy and communications, labor relations, or people management. 

Additional prioritization criteria include: 

  • Candidates who have specific expertise or skills that will benefit current or planned programming or activity and organizational development. 
  • Candidates who reflect the diversity of our membership in regards to:
    • The various types of roles within trust and safety work 
    • Experience at employers or organizations of different sizes and sectors
    • Geographical location
    • Representing different perspectives and backgrounds

Term of Service

Advisors will serve starting from when they have been selected either through the selection process (generally July 1) or through the nomination process (throughout the year). All advisors’ terms of service end June 30 unless invited by TSPA to rejoin for the next year. 

Advisors may be asked to withdraw as an advisor if they develop a conflict of interest, as determined by TSPA staff and boards. An advisor can also request to resign at any time.

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