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TSPA/TSF Seeking Founding Executive Director

The Trust & Safety Professional Association (TSPA) is a 501(c)(6) organization that supports the global community of professionals, including content moderation professionals, who develop and enforce policies that define acceptable content and behavior online.

Leading TSPA gives you the opportunity to create and shape the organization that will enable trust and safety practitioners to navigate and overcome professional challenges, supporting them as they continue doing critically important work for the health of the Internet and society at large.


The Founding Executive Director (ED) is the founding chief executive of the TSPA. Reporting to the TSPA board of directors, the ED is responsible for the overall strategy and execution of the organization’s mission, programs, and fundraising. The ED is also responsible for managing and developing the organization’s staff.

The ED of TSPA will also lead the aligned Trust & Safety Foundation Project (TSF). The foundation is committed to improving society’s understanding of trust and safety. The exact time split between the two organizations will develop over time.

As the Founding Executive Director, you will be key to getting the TSPA off the ground, and setting and executing its strategy in order to develop its place in the world as the foremost professional association for the trust and safety community. You have the opportunity to shape the organization and its culture. Fundraising and membership growth will be an important component of the role as well, but there you will be aided by the Board, which has already secured funding for the first few years of operation. This is a unique opportunity to build a new organization and shape how it positively contributes to the world.


Leadership and management

  • Lead, coach, hire, and develop staff

  • Actively engage TSPA/TSF board, staff, advisors, funders, and other partners to strengthen and maintain commitment for the organization’s mission and values

  • Incorporate TSPA/TSF core values into all programs and activities

  • Ensure ongoing programmatic excellence, rigorous program evaluation, and consistent quality of finance and administration, fundraising, communications, and systems

  • Deepen and refine all communication (offline and online, internal and external) to create a strong TSPA/TSF brand

  • Be the public face of TSPA/TSF

  • Regularly track and report on TSPA/TSF projects in order to accurately communicate the health of the organization

  • Identify and recommend timelines and resources needed to achieve TSPA/TSF goals

Planning, expansion and fundraising

  • Design and complete TSPA’s initial 18-month roadmap, and quarterly/annual goals and objectives

  • Expand revenue generating and fundraising activities to support TSPA/TSF operations and growth

  • Develop and execute budget

  • Develop new relationships with companies/organizations in order to design and expand TSPA/TSF offerings


  • Experience in trust and safety policy and/or operations (or related field), with a deep understanding of historical and current issues in trust and safety

  • Proven experience in people management, with a track record in coaching and growing high performance teams

  • Experience in fundraising from corporations, foundations, and individuals is desired but not required

  • Experience in setting and achieving strategic goals, designing, managing, and scaling projects, as well as managing budgets

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to communicate confidently and persuasively with experts across multiple disciplines and backgrounds

  • Data-driven, adaptable, and collaborative, with a bias to execution with integrity


  • Preference for candidate to be based in San Francisco/Bay Area


  • To apply or refer someone for consideration, please email us below with a cover letter and resume

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