TSPA Working Groups

TSPA working groups are composed of trust and safety professionals from different companies and with different levels of experience, all with a passion to share what they know. They collaborate to develop focused programs and services on behalf of TSPA. Some of these programs are available to everyone while some are only available to members. Only TSPA members can join TSPA working groups. 

Meet Our Working Groups

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Meet Our Working Groups

Trust & Safety Curriculum Working Group

The Trust & Safety Curriculum Working Group is developing a curriculum for Trust and Safety professionals, which comprises of concepts, terms, activities and standard practices that make up the field of trust and safety. The curriculum is currently being written and will be released on a rolling basis.

Group Leader:
Harsha Bhatlapenumarthy
Misinformation Project Manager at Facebook

Group Members:

Savannah Badalich
Shannon Berri
Meghatrisa Chatterjee
Eric Davis
Jan Eissfeldt
Elissa Emory
Maggie Engler

James Gresham
Jeff Lazarus
Nivedita Mishra
Scott Stern
Kate Jung
Galvin Wee

Resource Development Working Group

The Resource Development Working Group collects and/or creates resources for trust and safety professionals and is responsible for curating TSPA’s Resource Library.

Group Co-Leaders:

Brandy Davis
Corporate Counsel, Online Safety & Compliance at Match Group

Nicole Blumenfeld
Director, Trust & Safety Operations, Tinder at Match Group

Group Members:

Liana Acosta
Fatima Alam
Dona Bellow
Jessica Dally
Megan Gorski

David Hauser
Alice Riddington
Bethany Smith
Eleanor Stein
Jen Wilson 

Wellness & Resilience Working Group

The Wellness and Resilience Working Group is responsible for collecting and creating wellness and resilience resources for trust and safety professionals, and for developing accessible wellness and resilience programs for the community.

Group Leader:
Maggie Cook

Group Members:

Beth Bisgaard
Vincent Courson
Laura DeBenedetto

Casey Ladisa
Michael Lawrie
Charlie Nevill
Ben Tsao

Join a Working Group

What are TSPA working groups?

TSPA working groups are composed of 8-10 TSPA members who collaborate on developing focused programs and services based on our members’ needs and feedback. Working groups can be established on a fixed-term basis (such as a specific event, for example) or on a standing basis.

How do I join a working group?

Anyone who is a TSPA member can be a part of a working group. You can join a working group by filling out an application, which will be reviewed and selected by us. Each working group will have a group leader who will be responsible for convening the group and leading the working group meetings and coordination.

What will I be doing?

Exact responsibilities will depend on the workgroup. Roles will be matched based on expressed interest and experience of the working group member. We strive to balance needed skill sets with creating opportunities for professional development, as well as diversity in perspectives and experiences.

You should expect to commit 1-2 hours a week in the working groups. Some working groups meet weekly while other groups meet bi-monthly. You should strive to attend meetings and volunteer for tasks. We request that working group members commit a minimum of 6 months for standing basis workgroups and for the full length of time for fixed-term workgroups; however, working group members can withdraw at any time by notifying their working group leader and our staff.

What do I get out of it?

  • Professional development and leadership opportunities
  • Share your expertise and knowledge to help enhance and build the trust and safety field
  • Connect with like-minded individuals on interesting trust and safety issues and activities
  • Be listed as an author or contributor to resources, curriculum, or material published by TSPA

Who are you looking for?

We are looking for someone who:

  • Has high interest in and some experience with the working group topic or project
  • Can work collaboratively with other group members and have strong communications and execution skills
  • Can commit to confidentiality
  • Are willing to represent and incorporate a variety of different perspectives
  • Can contribute an average of 1-2 hours/week
  • Can commit to serving a minimum of 6 months for working groups operating on a standing basis, and for the full length of fixed-term working groups

What are the working groups I can join?

Trust & Safety Curriculum Working Group
Resource Development Working Group
Wellness and Resilience Working Group

Sounds Interesting?

We’ve just finished our June 2021 call for new working group members, but we’d still like to hear from you if you’re interested in joining at a later date.

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